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Dr. Hug, Inc.

3193 Boardwalk Dr #5554

Saginaw, Michigan 48603


Since we get a lot of robocalls, we set up automated call screening. When asked, please type in the number it gives you and the call will ring through. So, if you are a real person, please call us at: +1 (989) 777-7050

Please check your Junk Email Folder for the reply.  If you don't receive a reply within a couple of hours, there is probably something wrong with the email. Please call us.


Don't worry, we won't send you junk mail or add you to a list.


You can send comments anonymously HERE.


Office Hours: M-F 9-5 EST


Email is our preferred form of communication. Please email us, we usually reply fast. You can use our email address or the contact form.


We often reply to emails on weekends as well as weekdays.