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Scanning Service(s) + Storage Media(s) + Return S&H + Tax if in Michigan = Total Price (no surprise costs)


You can order by phone if you prefer. We don't have a phone order taking service, we answer the phone ourselves. Our business hours are 9am-5pm M-F EST. Since we get a lot of robocalls, we set up automated call screening. When asked, please type in the number it gives you and the call will ring through. If we don't answer, please leave a message and we'll call you back. 1-989-777-7050

  1. The Order Buttons on this website come from our secure payment processor, but for some customers they don't appear. If that happens, try refreshing the page. If that doesn't work, please call us or try again later.
  2. Your order does not need to be precise.  Adjustments can be made after we receive the items you want digitized.
  3. You only need to pay a $10 return S&H estimate upfront. You have the option to select "Pay Later" when adding items to your cart. You can pay the rest after our services are complete. (The return S&H cost will be the actual postage plus $5. The minimum return S&H is $10.)
  • No S&H costs for Local Customers, please contact us by phone or email HERE for details.
  1. Please estimate and Add to your Cart the total number of printed photos (photo prints), negative film frames, slides and other items you want scanned into digital image files.  The estimate helps us plan for your order.  The exact quantities will be on the final invoice.
  2. Add either the DVD or USB Flash Drive to your Cart (or both if you want both). This is how you receive your scanned digital image files. The price is $3 for each 4.3GB DVD needed and $9 for each 16GB of USB Flash Drive space needed to store your digital photo image files. You only need to add one to your cart now and we will adjust the quantity on the final invoice after we know the exact amount of space needed. If you forget to add it to your order, we will add it to your final invoice.
  3. If you want Digital ICE dust and scratch technology (free service) used on your color negatives and color slides (excluding exceptions), then add it to your cart. For photo slides, Kodachrome, unlabeled Kodachrome and black and white slides need to be sorted out and grouped. Learn how to identify unlabeled Kodachrome slides HERE. Read about Digital ICE HERE.
  4. If you want 20 reduced size sample scanned photos (free service) sent to your email address, then add it to your cart. Please watch your junk mail for our emails. Please clearly group and label the photos you want sent to you as samples. See Packing Tips #12 for instructions. After you see the photos and give us your approval, we will continue scanning the rest of your order. For privacy and security reasons, other than sample photos, we do not send your photos to any internet based cloud or anywhere on the World Wide Web.
  5. TIF File Format:  Economy Slide Scanning not eligible.  All other scanning orders receive the Original scanned digital image files in the JPG file format and the Corrected scanned digital image files in the JPG file format.  If you also want the Original scanned digital image files in the TIF file format, add "Include TIF File Format" to your cart and you will receive the Original JPG, Corrected JPG and Original TIF scanned digital files. The additional cost is 5¢ per scanned item. What are JPG and TIF files?  What are JPG and TIF file formats? If you don't want the TIF file for all of your scanned photos, please clearly sort, group and label the items that you want the TIF files included. See Packing Tips starting at #8 for suggestions
  6. We recommend you read the Packing Tips for more detailed information about sorting, grouping, labeling, ordering and packaging.
  7. You can skip sorting, grouping and labeling if you choose the same resolution (PPI) for each type of item and either all with or all without TIF files included. What is PPI? See Packing Tips beginning at #7 for instructions.
  8. Sort, group and label, see Packing Tips starting at #8 for suggestions.
  9. Add to your cart the estimated quantity of each type of item being scanned and the resolution (PPI) that you want. What is PPI?  Read about our different resolution (PPI) options HERE.
  10. Prices are good for 30 days after you place your order. If we do not receive your photos and etc. in that time, the prices may increase.
  11. Either print a copy of your order or write all of your contact information and your order number on a piece of paper and include it inside the box, on top of the photos.
  12. Box up your photographs and mail them to us. See Packing Tips.
  13. We will probably want to contact you before we begin scanning to confirm we understand everything you want for your order. Please watch your junk mail.
  14. When our services are complete, you will receive an email from Dr. Hug, Inc. with an invoice for the total amount owed and a link to complete payment. After you have paid in full, we will mail your original photos, other items and scanned digital files (on the media you chose) to you.



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