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Photo Restoration

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Dr. Hug's Photo Scanning Service is a USA company.


Photo Restoration: Whether your photo is creased, crumpled, water damaged, mold damaged, faded, out of focus, blurry, under exposed, over exposed or even if your photo is torn in pieces, our professional artists can fix it using up to date digital image tools.


Photo Colorization:  We also colorize black and white photos or photos that are extremely faded or changed color.


We accept printed photos, slides, negatives, positive film (transparencies) and digital images.


We do not print photos, but there are numerous companies that can print photos from the digital image you will receive from us.


The cost is a flat rate of $39 per photo restored, with or without colorization, regardless of the condition of the original photo (plus, if applicable, scanning charge, storage device, return S&H and tax).  Here's the process:

  1. Get the photo to us:

    1. Take a photo of the printed photo and email it to us.

    2. Get the printed photo scanned (digitized) and email it to us.  There should be companies near you that can scan it for you (FedEx store, UPS store, etc.).  Make sure it's a photo quality scan.

    3. Mail us the printed photo, slide, negative or positive film and we will scan (digitize) it (normal scanning charges apply, current prices HERE).  If you mail us the photo and you want it back, return S&H costs extra.

  2. We can email the restored photo's digital image file to you (no additional charge) or we can put it on a DVD or USB flash drive and ship it to you.  DVDs, USB flash drives and return S&H cost extra.
  3. Right now, our turnaround time for photo restoration services is about 2 weeks.


Please Contact Us for details or you can place your order Here.


See Before and After images below: