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Scanning Special Offer

Scanning (Digitizing) Sale (please bookmark this page so you can easily find it again):

  • Sscanning and digitizing are the same thing.
  • Sorry, but to keep our turnaround time under control, this sale will end without notice.
  • We're pretty sure you won't find lower prices than these.
  • Printed Photos Scanned on a Flatbed Scanner at 600ppi Only 19¢ per scanned item (up to 8.5"x11.5", color or B&W).
  • 35mm Negative Film Frames Scanned at 2400ppi Only 19¢ per frame (color or B&W). The price is per frame (image) not strip. Please do not cut strips into individual frames. We may need to carefully cut your negatives to properly fit them into our scanning equipment. We will not damage the photograph.
  • Slides 2"x2" Mount Scanned at 2400ppi Only 19¢ per slide (color or B&W).
  • These are archive quality high resolution (ppi) scans. If you want even higher resolution, those are on sale also.
  • Our prices include most everything including Color, Dust and Scratch Correction.
  • Pay only about $12 upfront and the rest after our services are complete.
  • All of our scanning services are done in the USA.
  • The prices for this sale will be honored for 45 days after the order is placed. If we do not receive the items you want scanned within the 45 day period, the prices may increase.


For more information about our services or if you have questions, a good place to start is our Home page. It lists everything included in our prices and other answers.